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  • Valid Inequalities for Unrelated Parallel Machines Scheduling with Precedence Constraints

This paper deals with the mathematical modeling of
a scheduling problem for unrelated parallel machines with precedence
constraints in order to minimize the makespan (Cmax).
This study was motivated by the quality of the Integer Program
based on the interval graph. Three families of inequalities are
proposed. The first two inequalities based on the idea of the
precedence jobs and the third based on the shortest processing
time(SPT). We studied the validity of the new inequalities and
strength them by checking the linear combination. After an
exhaustive computational and statistical analysis we can conclude
that the addition of these inequalities decreases the computational
requirements to obtain the optimal solution in many cases.

published in CoDIT'16




Sorghum is the main staple food in Sudan, especially in rural areas. The uncertainty in sorghum production is attributed to that most sorghum is produced under rain fed sector with rainfall usually differs from year to year and exposes sorghum to risk and fluctuations in yield and production. The aim of this paper is to analyze sorghum performance under climate change and increasing world market prices. The economic performance of the country depends on weather conditions especially rainfall, between the mid1970s and late 2000s, summer rainfall decreased by 15 to 20 percent across many parts of the Sudan. This study has developed a single-market model for sorghum in Sudan, the model embodied important characteristics of agriculture in Sudan including the dependency of agricultural supply on rainfall. The sorghum market has been simulated by calibrating supply and demand functions. The model has introduced stochastic variables which are prices and rainfall; it has also incorporated food security indicators, which are directly affected by the agriculture performance. The uncertain (Stochastic) variables in the model are presented in their probability distribution functions by the help of BestFit; a software within the @Risk program. The final results could be graphed in the form of cumulative distribution function (CDF). The model scenario simulations revealed that, the impact of the decreasing trend of rainfall would overall lead to considerable losses to sorghum supply and hence a deterioration in the country’s external sector and food security situation.


Keywords: Sorghum, climate change, world prices, single-market model, Sudan

published in AFRICA BERLIN

  • Assessment of Knowledge and Practices about Nursing Management of Kwashiorkor Children Under Five Years at Wad Medani Pediatric Teaching Hospital, Sudan

Background :-

 Malnutrition is a serious health problem, most common in children under 5 years in the world . Kwashiorkor is a form of malnutrition, caused   by a serious deficiency of protein despite an adequate intake of energy.

Aim :

To assess pediatric nurses' knowledge and practices regarding  nursing management of kwashiorkor children under 5 years old at  pediatric Teaching Hospital in Wad Medani from 10 December 2009 to 10 May 2010 .


A descriptive hospital based  research study design was adopted for the study  from December 2009 to May 2010. The sample size consisted all available nurses (45 nurses working in different wards) that constituted during the period of study. Data was collected using a questionnaire to evaluate nurse's knowledge about the disease and its nursing management, also an observation checklist was used to assess nurse's performance in providing care to kwashiorkor children.  The data   collected  were analyzed  and interpreted by statistical package for Social Sciences using SPSS.


The findings revealed that the most 39 (72.9) of them knew the forms of kwashiorkor, clinical signs and the factors that predispose to kwashiorkor, regarding the performance the mean scores of performance (53.3% )  in measuring vital sign, growth monitoring, changing of nasogastric tube, management of hypothermia and assessment of patients' general condition..


The study attempts to determine knowledge and practice of nursing staffs regarding   the care  of kwashiorkor child . According to the information of the respondents  the pediatric nurses need more training programs in service education in relation to care of malnutrition especially kwashiorkor. A log book should be designed to provide knowledge about the weakness of services for management of kwashiorkor patients'  and took action to improve quality of care and similarly guidelines protocols for nurses' must be available in the unit.

Key Words: knowledge .kwashiorkor practice.

published in Imroving Clints Outcomes Through Implications of Scientific Evidences

  • اثر التدريب العملي على معرفة واتجاهات وممارسات الممرضات حول العناية التمريضية للاطفال حديثي الولادة بمستشفى الاطفال ومستشفى التوليد وامراض النساء -ودمدني 2010-2013


High risk newborns are neonates who have a greater chance of complications which lead to death. Neonatal Intensive Care is an nursing specialty and the nurses who work in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit should have additional training to prepare them for this role. This is an interventional hospital based study aimed at assessing the effect of training program on nurses’ knowledge, attitude and practice regarding neonatal nursing care in Pediatric and Obstetric and Gynecology Teaching Hospitals. The sample size consisted of (90) nurses that constituted the total coverage of study population during the period of the study from July 2010 – July 2013. The data was collected using assessment sheet  to evaluate nurses’ knowledge, modified likert attitude scale to evaluate nurses’ attitude and an observation checklist to monitor nurses’ performance when caring of preterm infant, neonates with respiratory distress syndrome and neonatal jaundice. The data was analyzed using statistical package for social sciences (SPSS). The study results evident that the means of knowledge for all items of premature care, neonate with respiratory distress syndrome, neonatal jaundice and immunization of children were all significantly improved from 21% before the training program to 90% after intervention. P.value <0.05. The mean of the total percentages of nurses’ attitude regarding care of preterm infant, neonate with respiratory distress syndrome and neonatal jaundice were improved from 64.5% before the training program to 93.4% after intervention P. value 0.00. The mean of the total percentages of nurses’ performance was 32.6% before the training program and it was improved to 70% after the program P. value <0.05. The study concluded that there was a significant improvement in nurses’ knowledge attitude and practice regarding neonatal care after the training program. So the study recommended that continuing education program for nurses is very important, learning facilities (books, Journals) about neonatal care should be available at neonatal intensive care units. Supervision system should be developed by the hospital to monitor the nurses performance is necessary for quality assurance.


published in Impact of the Training Program on Nurses' Knowledge, Attitude and Practice regarding Neonatal Nursing Care in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pediatric Teaching Hospitals at Wad Medani, Gezira State, Sudan (2010 - 2013)

  • تجربة قسم المبيدات والسميات الرائدة في مجال تطوير التعليم الزراعي بجامعة الجزيرة

ملخص الورقة

ترتكز الفلسفة التعليمية لجامعة الجزيرة على المنهج التكاملي للعلوم لتحقيق أهدافها التي تقوم على دراسة البيئة السودانية وبوجه خاص البيئة الريفية للتعرف على قضاياها وإجراء البحوث حولها. ينادي هذا المنهج بمبدأ وحدة العلوم أي أن العلوم والفنون والمعارف كلها مهما اختلفت موضوعاتها ومضامينها هي في حقيقتها مرتبطة ارتباطاً وثيقاً مع بعضها ومتداخلة إلي الحد الذي يجعل منها وحدة متماسكة متكاملة.

بما أن المجتمع الريفي ينظر إلي قضاياه كلها بطريقة تكاملية ولا يميل إلي اسلوب الفصل والتجزئة في الأمور، لهذا فقد توصلت جامعة الجزيرة إلي أن هذا المنهج هو الوعاء الفلسفي الأمثل الذي يمكن من خلاله تحقيق أهداف الجامعة. ولكي تنجح الجامعة في تحقيق أهدافها أصبح لزاماً عليها أن تختار نظاماً تعليمياً يتسم بالمرونة والكفاءة ويتلاءم مع ما تتطلبه هذه الفلسفة من بعد فكري يلعب فيه الطالب دوراً رئيسياً في بلورة شخصيته المتكاملة المتفردة .

كلية العلوم الزراعية من الكليات التي انشئت منذ تأسيس الجامعة وكانت رأس الرمح في تطبيق فلسفة جامعة الجزيرة الرامية للانفتاح على الريف وتضم في داخلها إحدى عشر قسماً  وتخصصاً مختلفًا، أحد الاقسام الرائدة التي انشئت حديثا نسبياً هو قسم المبيدات والسميات حيث كان يتبع لقسم وقاية المحاصيل ولكن نسبة للمشاكل البيئية الخطيرة التي باتت تعاني منها البلاد نتيجة للاستخدام غير المرشد للمبيدات وظهور الكثير من الامراض القاتلة مثل انواع السرطانات المختلفة والفشل الكلوي كان لابد ان ينبع قسم اكثر تخصصية ليعالج كل هذه القضايا المعاصرة . فاصبح قسما قائما بذاته منذ العام 1999م.

الهدف من البحث

القاء الضوء على تجربة قسم المبيدات والسميات الرائدة في مجال تطوير التعليم الزراعي في جامعة الجزيرة.

published in المؤتمر الدولي لتطوير البحث العلمي في التعليم العالي

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