Abdulrahman H. A. Widaa

  • 3/2/2017
  • Design of Fuzzy-based autonomous car control system

    Since the 20th century industrial revolution era, automobiles started playing a key and important role in our daily life activities. But, unfortunately, at the same time, an automobiles related accidents, and problems are representing an increasing source of danger on Human's life. In this paper a design of an autonomous (self-driving) car control system is presented to reduce automobiles-related problems. System's design is done by using Fuzzy Logic Control technology in addition to artificial intelligence algorithms. The achieved results demonstrates that proposed design has shown a reliable and efficient performance; all of the main driving control tasks (speed, brakes, steering wheel) were done effectively; it acts just same as a professional human driver

  • 8/20/2017
  • Design of Low Cost Water Level Control System: Based on Novel Flip-Flop Design

    Water tanks were introduced for us since past centuries ,it has an important and increasing role in our daily life for saving and keeping water resources especially in rural areas. It has been developed and improved across time , and an automated water tanks started to be manufactured . This paper presents a design of a low cost automatic water level control system based on using few , small , and low cost electronic components ; it composed from single Application Specified Integrated Circuit (ASIC) based on Flip-Flop technology to perform required control tasks , and a simple discrete level sensors. This design is presenting a unique and effective novel automation model of level control systems ,and it can easily be upgraded to perform more sophisticated tasks ,and also can be integrated with other different systems .
  • 1/31/2018
  • System for Remote Patient Healthcare Monitoring

    One field became of focal importance recently; incorporates body sensor networks (BSNs) for monitoring patient's bio-activities. In present situation when patient's monitored-vital signs showed abnormal behaviour health provider must be informed immediately. But, unfortunately, for some reasons the information delivery may be slower than needed when time in this case is very important, and crucial. In addition to that, most of recent BSNs are based on using an expensive networks infrastructures, and it won't work properly without availability of stable internet connections. In this paper, a system is designed for monitoring patients' body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure, as well as issuing an instant warning via SMS/GSM in emergence. The modelled system ran very well and achieved an accurate reading, and an excellent time response with an overall average time for SMS deliver and doctor feedback of 16 seconds.

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