• C.V.

    Name:  Ahmed Eltayeb Abdalla Mohmed

    Nationality : Sudanese

    Date of Birth   1953


     Ph-D in Environmental Sciences. Environmental management. University of Gezira and Wageningening Agricultural University (1998)

    M.Sc: Environmental Sciences. Environmental Pollution.  Institute of Environmental Studies. University of Khartoum. (1983).

    B.Sc:  Honors Faculty of Agricultural Sciences University of Khartoum 1978.



    1978-1981 Assistant Inspector, Inspector  for crop protection, Nuba Mountains                     Agricultural Corporation

    1981- 1983 M.Sc .program 14 courses and a thesis about the Environmental       pollution by pesticides at the Gezira Scheme.

    1983 -1989: Crop protection specialist.

    1989- 1991 Ministry of Agriculture and natural Resources. Headquarters,           Financial and Administration manager.

    1991- now 2011. Lecturer at the Department of Environmental Sciences and      natural Resources, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Gezira.

    1992 – 1998 Ph-D program Management of the underground pits for Sorghum   storage in Rural Areas of Sudan. A sandwich program between      Wageningening Agricultural University- Netherlands and  University of            Gezira.

    1994:     Promotion to Assistant professor.

    2001:     promotion to Associate professor.

    2007      promotion to professor.


    Academic Activities:

    Lecturer:  courses for the B.Sc level:

    Ecology and natural resources.

    Environmental pollution and conservation.

    The Ecosystem.

    Courses for M.sc level:

    Environmental Hazards and Conservation.

    Environmental Impact Assessment.


    Membership of the University committees:

    University Senate.

    Deans council 


    Administration posts:

    1998- 2000  Head Dept of Environment and natural Recourses. 

    2000-2001 Deputy dean of Academic affairs

    2001-2005  Head Dept of Informatics

    2005-2007 Manager of Gezra University printing press.

    2010 Dean of the Institute of Nomadic Research


    For the last Four years head of the Sudanese Environmental Protection Society  at Wad Medani Town.


    Books written:

    Abdalla, A.T and Eltayeb Eltohami. I (2006) The ecosystem, University of Gezira printing press. In Arabic language.



    First author:

    Abdalla, A.T. et-al (1983)Residues of organochlorine insecticide Endosulfan, in the Gezira Scheme, Sudan. Sudan Journal of Sciences.Vol. 1. 22-29.

    Abdalla, A.T. et-al (1994) An evaluation of the durability of sorghum grain in traditional  and Modified underground storage pits in central Sudan. TTMI project and Picnic model Proceedings of the TTMI  workshop April 1994 Nairobi, Kenya.

    Abdalla , A.T et-al (2001) Effect of wall lining on the moisture ingress into traditional grain storage pits. International Journal of biometeorology 45, 75-80.

    Abdalla, A.T et-al (2002a) Impact of soil types on sorghum grain stored in underground pits in central Sudan. Agricultural Engineering journal 11(4)219-229.

    Abdalla et-al (2002b)Traditional underground grain storage in clay soils improved by recent innovations. Tropicultura 20, 4, 170-175.

    Abdalla et-al (2002c)  Underground sorghum storage in cracking clays needs shallow pits, chaff lining and wide cap. Tropical Sciences 42, 57-64.


    Second author

    Stigter, CJ. Kenama J. Zhang Y. Oluwasemire, T.K.O. Zheng, D. Al-amin,N.K.N. and Abdalla, A.T. (2005) Agro meteorological Services and information for decision making. Some examples from Africa and China Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 60 (5) 327-330

    Bakheit N.I. Ahmed M.a. Stigter, CJ. Mohmed , H.A. Mohmed A.E. Abdalla. A.T. (2005) Economic Aspects of traditional underground pit storage (Matmura) the case of Moya, Central Sudan. Sudan Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 5, 89-96.


    Bakheit, N.I. Kees Stigter and Ahmed Eltayeb abdalla.  April (2001) Underground storage of sorghum as a banking alternative. LEISA MAGAZINE.


    Conferences papers:

    Abdalla A.T. et-al (2005a) Identification of Micro-organisms and mycotoxin contamination in Underground pit stored sorghum in Central Sudan. Workshop on mycotoxin contamination on stored sorghum grain, Health hazards implications and possible solutions. Ministry of Council of ministers. Sudanese Standard and Metrology Organization Standards Administration and Wageningen University Netherlands, Friendship Hall Khartoum.

    Abdalla et-al (2005b) Innovations for improvement of traditional underground pits for sorghum storage in central Sudan. Workshop on mycotoxin contamination on stored sorghum grain, Health hazards implications and possible solutions. Ministry of Council of ministers. Sudanese Standard and Metrology Organization Standards Administration and Wageningen University Netherlands, Friendship Hall Khartoum.


    Abdalla, A.T. (2010) Improvement of Traditional Underground Storage of Sorghum (dura) Grains in Central Sudan to Maintain Food Security for Small Farmers in Changing Climate. Environmental problems in the Arab World 25-28 October 2010. South valley University Qena. Egypt.




    Research projects:

    Contributed as team member for:

    1998- 2001 Environmental Impact of Rahad Scheme.

    2005-2007 participated with The Sudanese Standard and Metrological Organization putting  the  basis of the Mycotoxin centre. Contributed in the studies that followed in many parts of the Sudan checking on micotoxin concentration and extension to the people how to minimize the exposure to them.

    2006-2008 Study on the environmental impact of pesticides in the Gezira Shceme.

    2010 to 2013 Study of the mycotoxins in the stored crops as sorghum, groundnuts and sesame. Sudanese Standard and Metrological organization.

    Abdalla, A, T (2016) Study of the  Natural Resources Management in Sinnar State.  Small Scale Traditional Rain-fed project in Sinnar State. (Sustain). Funded By IFAD Organization.



    Arabic papers:

    عبد الله. أحمد الطيب (2006)  تشريعات حماية البيئة في الإسلام هي الأمل لأهل الأرض. منتدى الإعجاز العلمي في القرآن و السنة الخرطوم السودان.





    Post graduate studies supervision:

    First advisor:

    Ayman Sayed Salim 2004 Improvement of environmental knowledge for pupils under ten years in the Gezira State. Faculty of Agricultural Sciences University of Gezira.

    Ilham Adam Ali Aburegal (2004) Environmental Impact of Gezira tannery wastes on employees and Surround area.

     Fayza Abu baker omer (2003) The role of women in Environment conservation in Almanagil area.

    Musa  G. Hadaro (2002) Farmers perception of Pesticides pollution in Rahad Scheme.

    Igbal  Yousif Mohmed Malik   (2008)

    Afrah osman Saied Ali (2010).

    Fayza Abu Bakar Omer (2012) Evaluation of Community perception and its Impact on the Exploitation of Natural Resources in Al Managil Plateau. P-hD thesis, University of Gezira.

    Arafa Hassan Abdalla (2013) Pesticides Residues in Snake Melon Cucumis melo in Wad Medani Market, Sudan. M.Sc Thesis. University of Gezira.

    Nosiba Abd algaum Abd alrhman (2013) Evaluation of Range Availability ond adequacy in Roseries Locality, Blue Nile State,  Sudan. M.Sc thesis University of Gezira.

    Awahib Elbashir Mohammed (2013) Determination of Operation Characteristics of Four Selected Wood Stoves . MSc thesis University of Gezira.

    Sandi Elrayah Ali (2014) Evaluation of the Sustainability of Community and Agricultural Improvements made by the IFAD Project (2009-2012) in Eastern Gezira, Sudan M.Sc Thesis University of Gezira.

    Rasha Hassan Abdalla (2014) Insecticides Spray of Tomato (Solanum lycopercum) (L) From Farmers perception and Residue Detection in the Gezira Scheme, Sudan.



    Second Advisor

    Abdel bagi Abdel Fatah ( 2001) Some Aspects of Germination Dormancy and Allelopathy of Prosopis (Mesquite).


    Lemia Ahmed Ali (2003) The influence of Gender on Adoption of small scale activities in Umbada area.


    Yahya Mohmed Hassan El Masoudi (2006) Effect of Reorganisation of Administration strategy on rural Development in Alqrishia district (Case study: Albeida governate, Yemen.

    Omer Elmahi Ahmed (2007) Ph-D Khartoum University.



    2006 International Society for Agricultural Meteorology  INSAM- Second prize on best  examples of Agrometeorological Services.  Issued 2007.







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